»Registry Toolkit Review

Registry Toolkit Review

Pros: Reading their website might have you laughing. A Browser Helper Object Manager is included.

Cons: Misleading statements on the website, average feature list, average registry cleaner.

After testing Registry Toolkit, there are numerous reasons I think you shouldn't bother with this product.

On the website where you download Registry Toolkit, it claims that Registry Toolkit "is the most popular product in history". It took
me some time to stop laughing after reading that. Do you really want to buy software from a company that puts that on their website?

As far as the software itself, it is basically average. The feature list is average, the registry cleaner is average, it's all... just average.
Not great, not horrible, just average.

After much debate, I am going to go ahead and give Registry Toolkit two stars. I considered giving it three stars, but the Registry
Toolkit website brought it down because of some of what they say on their website.

Like I said, two stars.
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